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News and financial markets

Our economists look at market trends, central bank monetary policies and economic news.

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Weekly Newsletter

Summary of the week’s economic results, preview of the week ahead and analysis of the trends in the money, bond, currency and stock markets as well as economic conditions.

Published a few times a year 

Essentials of Monetary Policy

Analysis and comments on the management and application of monetary policies by major central banks.

Published several times each month

Economic News

What's happening with the economy and in financial markets today.

Published several times a week 

Economic Viewpoint

Monitoring the economy and interpreting the news. 

Published a few times a month

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Our economists analyze the markets and share their economic forecasts.


Provincial economic analyses

Track regional economic activity, the housing market and economic trends.

Provincial economic analyses

Govern­ment budgets

Review federal and provincial budget highlights.

Budgets des gouvernements