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International development

Sri Lanka : lancement des activités pour appuyer le développement touristique local et durable

March 24, 2020

The SANASA cooperative financial network has recently launched a program to develop the tourism value chain in Sri Lanka with its business members. Five cooperatives (primary societies) affiliated with SANASA, representing the districts of the Northern Province, are taking part in this pilot program. These cooperatives have been selected for their financial stability and their strong infrastructure.

Tourism is the SANASA network’s new direction, so an introduction program was delivered to the participating cooperatives as a key stage of training before the launch of the pilot program. A total of 163 members took part in the introduction program.

It was drawn up with suggestions and ideas collected at a forum held in October 2019, in Colombo, for national and international stakeholders of the tourism industry, from both public and private institutions. The different entities of the SANASA network (trustee companies, federation, SANASA Development Bank and Uththamavi) also took part in the development of the introduction program. During this event, attendees shared over 250 suggestions and comments to finalize a joint action plan on developing the tourism value chain.

“This interactive community outreach will help to make the future brighter for Sri Lanka’s communities in need,” said Harshi Abeynayake, Value Chain Officer, Tourism, for the SEFEC.


The SANASA Entrepreneur Financial Expertise Center (SEFEC) set up in 2017 by DID and the SANASA cooperative network strives to facilitate the sustainable growth and development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

SEFEC is working with stakeholders from the rice, pepper, banana and tourism value chains, focusing mainly on local economic growth and the sustainability of small and medium enterprises, with a particular emphasis on female entrepreneurs.

SEFEC’s main goal is to improve the SANASA Movement’s ability to provide financial goods and services that are customized to the various stakeholders from the four selected value chains, in order to improve the local economy in a sustainable way.