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Launch of the Project Factory: An innovative fundraising platform for schools

August 30, 2022

Montreal, Quebec, August 30, 2022 – The Project Factory is a brand new financing platform that lets users manage fundraising initiatives for school and extracurricular projects in Quebec and Ontario elementary and secondary schools, with just a few clicks. It's an educational initiative by Desjardins, in partnership with La Ruche and La grande journée des petits entrepreneurs.

Much more than a transactional platform, the Project Factory also offers an optional educational program to support project management and encourage student involvement while promoting financial literacy. Through this initiative, Desjardins is adapting its approach to allow schools and young people to learn through action.

"The Project Factory is a powerful tool for rallying communities and bringing ideas to life," says Isabelle Garon, Executive Vice-President, Cooperation, Director Support and President's Office at Desjardins Group. It's an ongoing adventure that will foster closer ties between caisses, schools and their communities, while supporting youth financial literacy. It's an accomplishment we're proud of and one more tool to get young people involved and to fuel our communities' socioeconomic development."

A platform that's innovative and secure

The platform addresses a need expressed by many Quebec and Ontario schools looking for a solution that's innovative and reliable for their fundraising needs and activities. The Project Factory provides schools with a simple, secure fundraising process, in addition to easy access to tools that promote financial literacy, community involvement and entrepreneurship among young people.

Parents can rest easy—the platform was designed to be a welcoming and secure space for youth ages 5 to 17. It also has the undeniable advantage of making school projects accessible to numerous contributors from around the world.

The funds raised by schools can be doubled—up to $10,000—through the Simple to Double Fund initiative of Desjardins's Together For Our Youth program, which supports the projects of young people ages 5 to 29. 

A compelling pilot project

The Project Factory was launched in January 2022 through a pilot project that gave 16 schools (11 elementary and 5 secondary schools) the opportunity to test the platform. In just a few months, 20 fundraisers in 6 Quebec regions raised more than $215,000 for 4,500 students. 

Top 2 fundraisers

How are projects submitted?

It's easy.  First, a person in charge must register their school by filling out the form on the website. Once the Project Factory team has activated the school, all that's left to do is fill out the fundraiser form.

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