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International development

PANSEH and CCFEH: A successful partnership

June 29, 2020

"There simply are not enough words to express our joy and gratitude for this partnership!"

The National Support Program for Organizing Haitian Entrepreneurship (PANSEH) ended recently in Haiti. The program’s local partners wished to highlight its contribution to Haitian entrepreneurship. Here is what Daniella Jacques, President of the Chambre de Commerce des Femmes Entrepreneures d’Haïti (CCFEH), had to say.

"Since 2016, PANSEH has helped more than one hundred women entrepreneurs who were members of our organization. Thanks to PANSEH’s support, our members were able to build their financing application file, benefit from technical guidance and training to increase their financial responsibility.

There are simply not enough words to express our joy and gratitude for this partnership over the last few years. For the CCFEH, our partnership with PANSEH has been very fruitful. It even helped us keep going because the program was our only permanent partner. With PANSEH, we were able to plan long term! During the partnership, we were able to extend our training offer and our network throughout the country, in several departments. We were also able to start our first external cell in the south.

With the program, increased importance was given to women entrepreneurs, while before, in Haiti, there hadn’t been any serious efforts to make credit available to women. We hope that there will be other projects of the same scale soon because there is still quite a ways left to go in helping women entrepreneurs. They still have a very hard time accessing credit, even if they deploy all the efforts requested and often spend a lot of time and energy without getting the expected results. We must therefore continue efforts to help an even greater number of women entrepreneurs benefit from financial services."