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Economy and entrepreneurship

Dream the Impossible: Concrete solutions proposed by over 400 youth

July 13, 2023

Montreal, July 13, 2023 – On June 19 and 20, more than 400 young people from Quebec, Ontario and across the country accepted the invitation of Guy Cormier, President and CEO of Desjardins Group, to attend a 2-day event at TOHU in Montreal to discuss, create and develop concrete solutions to the issues that affect them the most. Hundreds of others also had a similar experience thanks to an action-packed online program. 

The main highlights

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Dream the Impossible event recap | An initiative by Guy Cormier


On June 19 and 20, more than 400 young people from across Canada came together to discuss society’s challenges and find solutions to build a better future.
Dream the Impossible event recap | An initiative by Guy Cormier  

How Dream the Impossible came to be

The idea of hosting a large youth gathering was first expressed at the 2022 Desjardins Group Annual General Meeting. To prepare, Guy Cormier met with young people all over Quebec and Ontario to take stock of their needs and find out about their interests and what they're worried about. These conversations inspired the Dream the Impossible program, which was developed around 3 themes and 9 issues chosen by young people. 


Employment and education 

Economy and finances

· Climate change and biodiversity 

· Dependence on fossil fuels 

· Eco-anxiety 

·  Access to an equitable, inclusive education in an accessible environment 

·  Preparation for adult life and the job market 

·  The evolution of the job market in light of the current labour shortage 

·  The housing crisis and its effects on young people 

·  Financial literacy: Building a stronger foundation 

·  The shift towards adopting more sustainable and eco-friendly consumer habits 

Event program

On the first day, the young people were ready to listen, learn and be inspired. Speakers introduced them to new ideas and master classes were given to help them learn about creative techniques like design thinking and storytelling for influence. 

This prepared them to take action the following day. Participants were placed in groups based on their background and interests to define issues and come up with concrete solutions together. During the big discussion, the groups presented their work and pitched their ideas to their peers. Leaders from all walks of life were also invited to hear what young people have to say.         

What's next?

Dreaming the impossible doesn't stop there. The goal is to create a movement to support youth. Guy Cormier is personally committed to giving young people opportunities to further amplify their voices, hopes and vision for the future. He's also committed to bringing their ideas, projects and ambitions to the right people. Over the coming months, leaders and stakeholders will share in our effort to turn the impossible from a dream into reality.