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Diversity and inclusion

Building a world where everyone has a place

May 25, 2022

Salwa Salek, Chief Equity, diversity and inclusion with Desjardins

The creation of the Immigration Support Centre is part of Desjardins's strategy to amplify its commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

"The Immigration Support Centre is a way for us to send the message that our doors are open to newcomers, we're here to help them find a job that matches their talents and we'll be there with them from the very first step to make sure their integration into Quebec and Canada as a whole is a positive experience," says Salwa Salek, Chief EDI, who is an immigrant herself.

She also notes that equity, diversity and inclusion practices are becoming increasingly important to Desjardins employees and members, as well as the communities our great financial cooperative serves. "Building a world where everyone has a place is a matter of social justice," she adds.

That's why Desjardins is strengthening its position in this area, with the recent creation of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Office, which is also in charge of implementing executive-level governance to monitor its commitments. "We want the organization to be an exemplary employer and a leader in equity, diversity and inclusion," notes Salek.

For new employees and temporary foreign workers, it acts as a guarantee that this is a workplace that welcomes people for who they are, respects different cultures, different identities, and values their past work experience and academic history.