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My life and my passions

Since 2003, Desjardins has been actively involved with the students of our local school board through the Desjardins, my life and my passions program. We offer lectures in classrooms about following your dreams to get the most out of life. Every year, the region's caisse members vote to allocate close to $30,000 for guest speakers to come and spread their message of excitement and inspiration.

Nearly 2,500 young people hear an average of 80 inspirational talks every year. Since 2003, Desjardins has invested close to half a million dollars in the program, allowing 50,000 students to attend the lectures.

Ten guest speakers come together for our youth

The caisse is happy to offer more motivational lectures this year. Students from grades 6 to 9 will be able to attend.

Click on the links below for a detailed description of an upcoming lecture:

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