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Thinking about moving to Canada and not sure which financial institution to choose? At Desjardins, we understand your situation. We want to welcome you to the Desjardins family, help you prepare your budget and tell you about the Canadian banking system.

We're here to give you the support you need and make your new life easier.

Caisse Desjardins de Bellechasse is proud to promote a multicultural society. We offer personalized support for newcomers and have a team of specialists to help you choose the products and services that meet your needs.

Services offered:

Opening a chequing account

To welcome you to Canada and support you through this major transition, we offer a banking package for newcomers. It includes an account with a free monthly plan and unlimited transactions for 2 years.

Savings-Life Insurance (once you've opened an account)

Get group insurance for Desjardins members that pays an amount in case of death or cancer diagnosis. You'll just have to answer a few questions to find out if you're eligible.

Credit card

Get a Desjardins credit card without having to build your credit first. You just need to be a member of a Desjardins caisse and have an account there. You also have to show that you intend to settle in Canada. Credit cards are issued and credit limits are set based on the information received and will depend on an assessment of your credit risk.

Safety deposit box

Benefit from a basic safety deposit box for your documents and valuables, free for 1 year.

International money transfers

Make secure international money transfers (up to $5,000 per day) online from anywhere at any time.

Foreign currency

Canada's currency is the Canadian dollar (CAN$). We also have several other currencies available upon request.

Savings advice

Get personalized advice to grow your savings.

Vehicle financing

Finance a car with no credit history.

Mortgage financing

Buy a home under certain conditions.

Life and health insurance

Talk to a financial security advisor free of charge to learn how life and health insurance works and have your needs assessed.

Damage insurance

Get free car and home insurance quotes. When you apply for car insurance, we may be able to recognize your previous driving experience in your home country.

Useful references and links

Immigration à Quebec

Immigration à Quebec - This link opens in a new window. will help you look for work, settle in and, most importantly, get your new life started in Quebec.

Contact the team dedicated to serving newcomers:

Phone: 418-833-5515, ext. 705