Financial assistance for personal members and clients

Financial assistance for personal members and clients

If today's economy is affecting your ability to make payments, we can help you meet your financial obligations. Get personalized assistance tailored to your needs.

Assess your financial situation with these tips

  • Draw up a budget based on your current situation and scale back on non-essential expenses. Use the My budget tool in AccèsD to help you.
  • Dip into your savings or emergency fund, if possible.
  • Use credit with caution. Avoid taking out cash advances on your credit card.
  • Adopt good habits and use the tools at your disposal, such as Manage debt in AccèsD, to reduce your debt ratio and get tips and tricks for your situation.

Get financial assistance

If you're unable to make your payments even after having reviewed your budget and needs, contact us for tailored financial assistance. Certain relief measures, if granted, might impact your credit report.

If you already missed a payment or think you can't make the next one, call your caisse as soon as possible at 1-800-224-7737 (1-800-CAISSES).

For requests concerning credit cards and Accord D financing, call the number on the back of your card.

Use AccèsD to make your request

Fill out the form so we can identify your needs. We'll contact you to make an appointment once we receive your request.

Advice for better financial wellness

How to manage and repay debt

Give your debt-management habits a boost.

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8 truths and misconceptions about debt

How well do you understand debt? Put your knowledge to the test.

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Budget: How to avoid pitfalls

Use these simple tips to help you create a budget.

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Do you have a variable rate mortgage?

Recent hikes in the Bank of Canada's key interest rate means you're now paying more interest on your mortgage. Your current payment amount may no longer be enough to cover the interest at the present rate or pay down any principal. Any unpaid interest will also accrue additional interest. Here's what to do to both minimize the impact of these changes and resolve the situation.

Increase your payment online

If we've sent you a notice about this, you can increase your mortgage payment on AccèsD.

Adjust your payment on AccèsD

Get in touch with your caisse

For assistance and to discuss your options, talk to your advisor.

Find your caisse

Have questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us. We're here for you.