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Credit and debt

Taking on debt for good reasons

Credit is a tool that can help you carry out the plans you care about. The key is staying on top of your debt and managing it carefully.

By relying on our action plans and tips, you can make wise choices and use credit for the right reasons. There are a number of strategies: lowering your interest charges, calculating your debt-to-income ratio, using your credit card wisely, paying off debt quickly, spending within your means, etc.

5 steps to problem-free finances

Getting your financial house in order

Easier said than done? Here are 5 steps and tools to help you get a better handle on your situation.

5 tips on how to put your credit card to better use

A valuable ally or intimidating enemy

5 steps for staying on top of the situation by keeping a good credit record and using your card wisely.

Understanding your credit file

Is your credit rating working for you?

A 5-step process to find out what is involved in a credit record, using credit wisely, and acquiring good payment habits.

How to use credit without getting knee-deep in debt

Informed financial decisions

Are you spending more than you earn? A 3-step process for get into the habit of managing your daily finances and staying on top of your credit.

How to pay off your home in less than 20 years

Save tens of thousands of dollars

Does paying your home off in less than 20 years seem like a remote possibility? Here are 3 steps to help you make your largest investment work harder while minimizing interest on your mortgage loan.

Our tips

In debt and not sure where to start? The main thing is to set realistic objectives and achieve them, step by step. Here are some tips for taking a hard look at the situation and taking charge of your finances.

The Desjardins Personal Financial Index

Measure your financial skills and knowledge.

My index - Budgeting, debts, savings, insurance...
My index 2 - Have you taken control of your finances?
My index 3 - Spending, saving, protecting your assets...

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