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Current rates on November 28, 2022

Most popular mortgages

Mortgage Interest rate
5-year fixed-rate mortgage 5.69%
5-year reduced variable rate mortgage 5.75%

Closed fixed-rate mortgage

Term Interest rate
6 months 6.19%
1 year 6.19%
2 years 6.19%
3 years 6.14%
4 years 6.14%
5 years 6.49%
6 years 6.49%
7 years 6.99%
10 years 7.49%

Open fixed-rate mortgage

Term Interest rate
6 months 9.15%
1 year 9.15%

Variable-rate mortgage

Term Interest rate
Open regular 7.20%
Closed reduced 5.95%
Closed protected 6.20%
"5-in-1" Yearly Rate Resetter (closed) 6.19%

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Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Rates may vary according to your credit rating, the amount borrowed, guarantees offered and other factors. Certain conditions may apply.

Rates may differ if the amortization of your mortgage is greater than 25 years. Please contact a Desjardins advisor for more information.

These interest rates are recommended by the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec to all its caisses.

  1. Certain conditions apply.
  2. In Ontario, the annual percentage rate (APR) is equal to the posted interest rate, assuming that there are no additional charges applicable to the loan. Should there be such charges, the APR might be different.
  3. Contact your advisor to see if the offer you want is suitable for your situation, especially if the term is over 5 years.
  4. Protected variable rate ceiling is 6.99%.
  5. This rate is for a 1-year fixed rate mortgage. The rate may change on the anniversary of the mortgage. For new mortgages, a promotional rate may apply the first year.