Real estate investors

What would you like to do?

I want financing for my residential rental property.

To learn more, see the Financing for residential rental property section.

I need financial breathing room to cover current expenses.

Our Business Freedom Solutions package is a comprehensive, economical and practical financing tool tailored to your needs.

I want to make renovations on my rental properties, but I don't have the necessary liquidity.

Accord D Business Financing at the caisse can make it possible for you to go ahead with renovations or any other project.

I want to simplify my day-to-day transactions.

What if you could:

  • Have your tenants transfer their rent directly into your account instead of writing rent cheques?
  • Pay your bills and municipal and school taxes online at your convenience?
  • Reconcile your monthly account statements online?

The AccèsD Affaires online service does all this and much more!

See the features available on AccèsD Affaires.

I want to open a separate account to manage my rental properties.

Choose the account and plan that best suit your day-to-day transaction needs from our wide range of options.

To learn more, see Day-to-day transactions and cash management.

I'm looking for comprehensive insurance for my building.

Get the coverage you need, competitive rates and unfailing service. Optional coverage is available, such as insurance against water damage.

To learn more, see Damage insurance.

I want to put the revenue from my buildings to work.

Desjardins offers a broad range of sound investment products. Select the ones that best suit your investor profile.

To learn more, see Savings and investment.

I would like to get advice on wealth management.

Get helpful guidance and all the means available to you for wealth management, portfolio diversification, financial security and estate planning.

To learn more, see Wealth management.

I'm looking for general and tax information about rental properties.

For additional information, see the useful links to government sites and those of various organizations.