Day-to-day transactions and cash management

Every business, young companies in particular, must have a permanent source of working capital to meet its operating needs (salaries, suppliers, payroll taxes, etc.)

Want to start off on the right foot? Sound cash management includes:

  • Maintaining reasonable liquidity to be able to meet current expenses.
  • Optimizing the value of the funds in your accounts.
  • Reducing service charges.

Our accounts and electronic services can help you better manage your cash resources. To find out more, contact one of our account managers who can assist you at every step of your business's development.

Steps to follow to open a business account.

All our accounts come with convenient deposit, cheque processing and funds consolidation services.

Fee schedules for various types of businesses.

Did you know?
Desjardins offers a complete range of user-friendly and secure products and services to help you manage your finances online.