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The triple advantage of having all your investments at the same financial institution

  • Having a better overview
  • Optimizing your portfolio management
  • Saving on your fees

Test your knowledge

Question 1 : Holding multiple investment accounts is a good diversification strategy.


It can make it more complicated to track your investments. A diversified portfolio is one that’s invested in different asset classes that will perform differently–sometimes dramatically so–at various stages of the economic cycle. Diversifying aims to reduce the impact of market fluctuations.

Question 2 : Doing business with just one financial institution gives you better control over your finances.


You’ll have a better idea of the big picture, and so will your advisor. They’ll be able to track your investments more efficiently and make better recommendations so your portfolio measures up to your expectations.

Question 3 : Anyone can manage their own investment portfolio with a direct brokerage account.


Investing without advice is for those who have time and interest to follow the financial markets. With education tools, you could manage all or part of your portfolio and likely reduce your transaction fees.

We’re here to make managing your assets easier

Enjoy the three advantages of having one advisor in charge of your finances for a worry-free retirement.

Having a better overview
  • More control over your finances
  • All your important documents in one place
  • More efficient
  • Easier to track your investments
  • Hassle-free transfer of assets to your heirs
Optimizing your portfolio management
  • Easier to see the big picture
  • Diversification all under one roof
  • Easier to get the most out of registered plans
  • Straightforward withdrawal strategy for retirement
Saving on your fees
  • Possibility of fewer transaction fees
  • Management fee rebate on investment funds

Tips for managing your investments

Expert tips for becoming a savvier investor

No matter how much is in your portfolio, you want to get the most from your investments. But making the right decisions isn't always easy. A little knowledge goes a long way!