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Regular instalments

A winning strategy for making your dreams come true!

One of the best ways to invest is regularly and automatically, so you don’t have to give it a second thought. Even a small amount invested on a regular basis can achieve stunning results.

Investing by regular instalments:

  • Makes it easier to contribute to your RRSP or your TFSA
  • Avoids making bad decisions based on emotional reactions
  • Ensures ongoing investment in the markets
  • Lowers the average cost of your investments by taking advantage of the market's temporary downturns
  • Avoids repeated transactions

How it works

At regular intervals, an amount is debited from your personal account and invested in the fund or portfolio you selected.

  • You decide on the frequency and amount of your instalments ($25 or more).
  • You can change the amount and frequency of your instalments at any time, with no fees or penalty.
  • You can access your money free of charge, at any time*.

Save time, and manage your regular instalments online!

You can easily add or amend regular instalments online on your own with AccèsD for the Chorus II, Melodia and SocieTerra Portfolios you already own.

All this is just a few clicks away:

    1. Go to the Savings and Investments section of the AccèsD home page
    2. Click on the Fund’s or Portfolio’s Options button
    3. Select the Manage regular instalments option

Using our calculator, see what you could earn by investing regularly.

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