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Online legal and tax documentation

If you receive your investment statement electronically, you'll receive the legal and tax documentation for your Desjardins Funds in the same way.

Legal and tax documentation includes:

  • Transaction notices
  • Fund facts
  • Desjardins Funds management reports
  • Desjardins Funds financial statements
  • your tax information slips

You will receive a notice in your AccèsD message box informing you that your documents have been issued, just like for your online statements.

In addition, your documents will be archived in the AccèsD secure environment where you can save them to your computer and print them whenever you like.

AccèsD archive periods

  • Transaction notices: 120 days
  • Fund facts: 12 months
  • Desjardins Funds management reports: 12 months
  • Desjardins Funds financial statements: 12 months
  • Tax information slips: 7 years

How to view your documents online

    1. Go to the AccèsD home page
    2. Click on the Statements and documents icon from the right-hand menu
    3. Click on Mutual funds under Investment statements and documents.

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