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Responsible Investing


Responsible Investing (RI) means integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment selection and management over a long-term horizon in order to finance companies that contribute to sustainable development.

Examples of elements considered:


  • Climate change
  • Protection of biodiversity
  • Water management
  • Sustainability of resources


  • Pursuit of human rights
  • Working conditions


  • Composition of boards of directors
  • Executive compensation
  • Shareholders’ rights

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Choosing RI, a profitable choice!

RI lets you help change the world… without sacrificing returns.

In fact, companies that are mindful of ESG issues are better equipped to manage the risks that arise from society’s present and future challenges.

Over 2,000 studies1 confirmed that responsible investment solutions offer a return potential that's just as interesting as what you'd get with a traditional investment—sometimes even better.

Concrete results for the corporation

Abiding by the principles of responsible investment, the Desjardins Sustainable Funds and Portfolios use a shareholder engagement strategy to influence change in the companies in which you’ve invested your money.

These investments not only offer a potential return that’s as interesting as—and sometimes higher than—the return on traditional investments, they also give you the power to use your money as a driver for change.

On your behalf, we:

  • Encourage companies to improve their practices
  • Table shareholder proposals at general meetings
  • Vote at general meetings to influence corporate decisions

Put your money towards building a better world.


To follow the ongoing dialogue with corporations, consult the Desjardins Funds Report on Responsible InvestmentI (PDF, 4.1 MB).

Desjardins – A pioneer in responsible investing

Desjardins, leader in responsible investing (RI) in Canada.

By purchasing Desjardins Sustainable Funds and Portfolios, you’re choosing the knowledge and trust of the most experienced responsible investment fund managers in Canada, as the following achievements show:

  • 1990: launch of the Desjardins Environment Fund
  • 2009: launch of the Desjardins Sustainable Portfolios
  • 2016: Launch of Canada’s very first green bond fund (Desjardins Sustainable Diversity Fund) and the first clean technology fund in Canada (Desjardins Sustainable Cleantech Fund).
  • 2018: Launch of Desjardins Sustainable Positive Change Fund that invests in companies that are actively working to build a more sustainable world for future generations. The fund addresses 13 of the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals - External link. This link will open in a new window..
  • 2020: Launch of Desjardins Sustainable Diversity Fund that invests in companies with strong female representation.
  1. Gunnar Friede, Timo Busch & Alexander Bassen (December 2015), ESG & Corporate Financial Performance: Mapping the global landscape, Aggregated Evidence from more than 2,000 Empirical Studies, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management and Hamburg University.

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