Deferred Payment Plan

The Deferred Payment Plan, offered by Student Financial Assistance, is available to Desjardins members having difficulties paying off their student loan.

Through the plan, you can defer payment1 of your student loan or pay a monthly amount that accounts for your income and family situation for a 6-month period. A monthly payment calculation simulator for the Deferred Payment Plan is available on the Student Financial Assistance website. The simulator allows you to see if you qualify for the DPP and estimate the monthly repayment instalment required to reduce the balance of your student loan, if applicable.

You can benefit from the plan for a lifetime total of 60 months over the 10 years following the end of your partial exemption period (end of the 6-month period following the completion of your studies).

1. If the loan is covered by Desjardins Financial Security's Loan Insurance, the premium is due during the Plan's qualifying period. To learn more, contact the Desjardins Group Student Advisory Centre.

To benefit from the Deferred Payment Plan, access your Student Financial Assistance online file to complete your claim.

We recommend that you contact a Desjardins Group Student Advisory Centre agent to examine your file. In the event of financial difficulties, it's preferable to reach a payment agreement before you find yourself unable to make your payments.