StopPINg card fraud before it starts

Did you know that identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in Canada? Protecting your personal information is our top priority and why we developed a new protection solution for all our members. Find out more about our personal data and identity theft protection measures.

Fraud is costing several millions of dollars a year. Desjardins has therefore taken proactive steps and instituted a procedure to protect its members against debit-card skimming (also known as cloning).

From now on, whenever you're withdrawing or depositing money from a Desjardins ATM with your Desjardins Access Card (debit card), you may be prompted to enter your birth day and month, to confirm your identity.

By ensuring that you're the real cardholder, we expect to reduce the risk of fraud due to card skimming.

An additional security measure limits the total amount of ATM withdrawals that can be made at other financial institution ATMs to $500 per day. This aims to reduce the number of fraudulent withdrawals.

If you reach this limit, you can make additional withdrawals at Desjardins ATMs. You will however, have to confirm that you are the real cardholder by entering your day and month of birth.

As a member of the Interac Association, Desjardins participates in creating awareness to protect debit card Personal Identification Numbers. See the new "Protect your PIN" labels.

Protect your PIN *Trademark of Interac Inc.

Your caisse is the first Canadian financial institution to take extra measures against fraud. You too can help us protect your money by adopting these good habits:

  1. Periodically verify your statements and account balances to be sure that all transactions have been properly recorded. If you notice any discrepancies, contact your caisse.
  2. If your Desjardins Access Card is lost, stolen or retained by an ATM, immediately notify the Desjardins Assistance Centre or your caisse.
  3. Never reveal your PIN number to anyone or give out your birth date while making a purchase as you'll be held responsible for any losses. And don't use obvious numbers for your PIN (e.g., birth date or telephone number).
  4. Never loan your card to anyone.
  5. Always keep your card in sight during transactions.
  6. Memorize your PIN. Don't write it down anywhere, especially on the card.
  7. Be discreet. Hide the keyboard with your body or your hand while you're punching in your PIN or your birth date at the ATM.
  8. Never enter your PIN a second time without first verifying that the previous transaction has been cancelled and be sure to get a receipt.
  9. As soon as a transaction ends, take back your card and get a transaction receipt.
  10. Change your PIN on a regular basis or immediately (go to your caisse) if you suspect you were being observed while punching it in.

Now you understand that preventing fraud depends on close collaboration; we take the necessary measures, you pick up the good habits and your precautions support our efforts.

  • In case of fraud, contact your caisse without delay.
  • If your birth date is incorrect, if you encounter a problem with these measures or if your card is lost or deactivated, contact your caisse or the Desjardins Assistance Centre at 1-800-361-5121.