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The Desjardins difference

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The Desjardins difference

The Desjardins difference – Initiatives to create sustainable prosperity

Together we support thousands of community projects

Discover how, as a Desjardins member, you support thousands of community projects in the areas of health, education, mutual assistance and more.

The Desjardins Personal Finance Index

The first Canadian index of responsible personal finances providing an assessment of people's aptitudes for managing their personal finances.

Desjardins awards and scholarships

The Desjardins Foundation bursaries give many youth access to technical, vocational or post-secondary studies.

The Co-opme program

The Co-opme program shows Desjardins's concrete commitment to education and cooperation.

Become more eco-friendly, one transaction at a time

See how Desjardins's online solutions help you reduce your environmental footprint.

Desjardins Foundation

See how Desjardins Foundation proudly encourages and supports young members of the next generation in achieving their dreams and ambitions.

Co-op Week

Learn more about Cooperation Week, an annual opportunity to celebrate our cooperative nature.

Personal Finance: I’m in Charge - An educational program for young adults

An educational program for young people ages 16 to 25 that covers all the fundamentals in a practical way to help them develop financial independence.

The Desjardins Corner

If you want to learn more about Desjardins, cooperation and financial education, check out The Desjardins Corner, a place of dialogue at Complexe Desjardins. Come visit us!

The Desjardins Personal Financial Index

Measure your financial skills and knowledge.

My index - Budgeting, debts, savings, insurance...
My index 2 - Have you taken control of your finances?
My index 3 - Spending, saving, protecting your assets...

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