10 resources to better understand your finances

Co-opme offers you a wealth of information, action plans and tips to help you take control of your finances. Here's a list of 10 other resources you can trust to help you manage your budget, be an informed consumer and improve your knowledge of what to do at the various stages of your financial life when things are good, or not so good.

  1. There are ACEF (Associations coopératives d'économie familiale) and Services budgétaires et communautaires organizations located in all regions of Quebec. These organizations offer budgeting courses at minimal cost.
    • See the Canadian Consumer Handbook website for a list of the consumer assistance organizations available in each province.
    • The CACQ (Coalition des associations de consommateurs du Québec) groups 21 ACEF and Services budgétaires outlets. See the list of members: Liste des membres (site in French only).
    • Option Consommateurs offers budgeting services on a part of the Island of Montreal.
    • Service budgétaire Lac-St-Jean-Est offers downloadable budget spreadsheets in Excel: Grilles budgétaires (site in French only).
    • Union des consommateurs provides support for people dealing with family budgets and debt (site in French only).
  2. The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) is mandated by the Quebec government to assist and protect consumers of financial products and services.
    • On the AMF website you'll find a booklet you can use to analyze your financial situation: Reviewing Your Personal Finances.
    • The AMF has also designed a financial education site for young people, called It'$ your money. The site includes advice, online tools and budget management tips.
  3. Flash Retirement Québec. The Régie des rentes du Québec, in collaboration with a group of financial institutions (including Desjardins), has designed more than 50 information capsules on retirement planning. The capsule on making a budget is useful for people of all ages.
  4. Office de la protection du consommateur (OPC). The OPC website has a goldmine of information on your rights and responsibilities as a consumer of vehicles, housing, furniture and appliances, travel, services and subscriptions, and more.
  5. Service Québec - Citizens provides information on government programs and services. The website tackles the various stages of life in detail:
  6. Éducaloi. The Éducaloi concept was designed by the Québec Bar, Chamber of Notaries, and the Société québécoise d'information juridique. It serves up legal information in simple, everyday language. In this site you'll find information on a variety of topics, including:
  7. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. The CMHC is the national body responsible for housing in Canada. Its website contains a lot of information on the following subjects:
  8. Canadian Consumer Handbook. This site was produced by a federal-provincial committee. It offers information and advice on more than 40 subjects for consumers: gift cards, mail order, mobile phones, debit card fraud, etc.
  9. Canadian Consumer Information Gateway. This site was designed by the Office of Consumer Affairs Canada. It contains practical information on a variety of topics related to consumerism and includes online tools and calculators, a directory of the various applicable laws by topic and province, and other information and references. Visit the Canadian Consumer Information Gateway website.
  10. Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. This federal organization was created to provide information and protection for consumers of financial products and services. The site is full of detailed information and practical tips on how to better manage your finances: budget, bank accounts, credit cards, purchase of a first home, etc. Visit the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada website.