Planning a prom

  • Level: High school
    Age group:
    Students ages 15 to 17
  • When:
    All year

Areas of learning:

  • Career planning and entrepreneurship
  • Citizenship and community life
  • Environment and consumption

Main objectives

  • Plan and carry out a major project
  • Track earnings and expenses
  • Meet deadlines
  • Work cooperatively


You direct students to think about the cooperative project they have participated in and evaluate their involvement in the various prom committees.

Thinking about cooperative work


  1. At the last organizing committee meeting, before the prom, have a discussion with the students.
  2. Ask them if they liked serving on the prom committees. Ask them about how the committees worked.
  3. Assess the degree of involvement in the project and their overall satisfaction after having completed it.
  4. Discuss the ways of working cooperatively, timeframes, group decisions, committees and tools used throughout the year.

Teacher's notes

Examples of questions to ask the committee members:

  • Was the committee work an experience of sharing and discussion for you? If so, explain why.
  • What subjects did you talk about in your discussions with other committee members?
  • What did you take away from your experience?