Budgeting for pet care

  • Age group:
    Students ages 10 and 11
  • When:
    October and November
  • Time required:
    4 hours

Financial and cooperative skills

  • Understanding how to plan expenses
  • Making a budget and evaluating your financial capacity
  • Understanding the importance of saving
  • Differentiating between cooperative values


Students make a budget to determine the costs of keeping a class pet (e.g.: a goldfish).


  • Time required:
  1. Suggest that the class adopt a goldfish and determine a budget for it.
  2. Make a list of required equipment.
  3. Make a list of food and other necessities for the year. Do an Internet search to find out what the fish needs.
  4. Find out the costs.
  5. Make a budget.
  6. Find the money.
  7. Buy the fish in a pet shop.