Finance basics from A to Z

This section introduces youth to financial terms and concepts such as credit cards, interest rates, the cost of car ownership, responsible consumption, budgeting and more.

A is for


Learn about ATM cards, cheques and account statements.

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Learn about apartment-related costs and how to look for an apartment with a set budget.

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C is for


Learn about responsible consumption practices when shopping and how to use credit and debit cards safely.

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Learn more about credit cards, credit ratings, credit costs, lines of credit, etc.

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T is for


Learn more about the cost of car ownership and the vocabulary used in financing contracts.

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Learn about how to plan a trip and save money while on vacation.

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B is for


Learn about the benefits of drawing up a budget, the tools available and how to track your spending.

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F is for


An introduction to the fundamentals of the financial system and financial vocabulary.

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P is for


Get a better understanding of the various types of insurance.

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S is for


Learn the difference between savings, investments and RRSPs.

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W is for


Learn more about the steps involved in starting a business and income tax.

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