Action plans and tips

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Actions plans and tips

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Financial management

Sound finances

Tips and tools to help you better manage your budget and handle certain life events.

Savings and investment

The earlier you start saving, the better

Tips and strategies to help make your dreams a reality and reach financial independence.

Resources and financial information

Credible information

Top 10 resources to better understand your finances, credit and investments.

Credit and debt

How to get out of debt

Adopt sound spending habits, use credit wisely and keep control of your finances.

Coverage and insurance

Your insurance needs

Clear and detailed information to help you choose the coverage best suited to your situation and needs.

Successful retirement

How will you retire? Part-time, with your family or in business for yourself? Not sure how you'll get there?

Desjardins experts have gathered to do what they do best: advise you, help you achieve your retirement dreams and answer your questions.

Youth financial education

For parents and teachers

Tools, tips and activities to help parents and teachers introduce young people to finance and cooperation.