Financial management

Sound finances

This section touches on the 4 cornerstones of your financial health:

  • A well-structured budget, paired with a good dose of self-discipline and perseverance
  • Tax credits and benefits you're entitled to
  • How to handle certain life events
  • How to spot and avoid fraud

5 steps to organizing your financing

Regain control of your finances

5 steps—and tools—to help you save and find financial peace of mind.

Assessing your financial situation

Is your net worth positive or negative?

To know exactly what you have and what you owe, list your assets and liabilities in 3 easy steps.

Buying a home

With careful planning, you can make your dream come true

There are several things to consider between the time you start thinking about taking the leap and the day you become a homeowner. To have an accurate financial picture of what to expect, follow this guide.

Going on a trip

For a worry-free vacation

You've been thinking about this trip for awhile. But before you go, there are 5 things you need to check on to make sure your trip is hassle-free.

3 steps to drawing up a monthly budget

A clear snapshot of your expenses and your income

Drawing up a monthly budget will help you know exactly what goes in your pockets and what goes out. It's also a good habit to adopt if you want to know how much financial leeway you have.

Having a child

Adjust your budget and your priorities

Your monthly budget must now include a new entry: baby expenses. You also have to ensure your family's financial stability. Here's a 3-step action plan.

Losing a loved one

The administrative and financial aspects of death

To avoid being overwhelmed by everything there is to do when a loved one passes away, here's how to look after the basic elements in 5 steps.

Getting divorced or separated

Major financial consequences

You find out it's over. So that you don't have any additional stress at an already difficult time, here's how to take care of your finances in 5 steps.

Our tips

For your budgetary resolutions to work, you have to keep a close eye on your money. This section features information and practical tips to help you make the most informed financial decisions possible.