Useful action plans and tips

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Useful action plans and tips

Useful action plans and tips Image

How to make your first loan application a little easier

A few useful tips to make it easier to assess your application and establish a trust relationship with your advisor.

6 tips to make the most of your credit card

Tips on how to establish and maintain a good credit rating.

Insuring your home: That's thinking ahead!

You say you have very few items of value so you don't think it's worth it to buy insurance for your home? Think again!

Loan repayment: Variable or fixed rate?

Desjardins will automatically apply the variable rate reserved for student loans.

Drawing up a budget is easy

All you have to do is list your income and expenses.

Thinking of declaring bankruptcy? Don't be too hasty!

You're about to finish or have just finished school, you've taken out loans, and now, here you are, without a job and in debt. In a moment of panic, you think that bankruptcy is the only solution to your debt problem.