Protecting your financial future

Getting credit—whether through a loan, a line of credit or a credit card—carries a certain responsibility: you have to pay it back! Even if something unexpected happens, your financial obligation remains.

Insuring your credit

Your advisor can help you protect your finances by offering you coverage especially adapted for your situation. Whether you opt for Loan Insurance, Line of Credit Insurance or Credit Balance Insurance, you know you'll be covered in case of death or disability.

In case of death, it's your life insurance that will settle your debts, for the amount insured. And, if you're in an accident or get sick and can't work to earn enough money to pay off your loans, your disability insurance could take over while you recover.

Getting credit is a serious matter

If you have no safety net of savings and you can't make your payments, it's your credit rating that will likely suffer for it in the future. And if you are lucky enough to have some savings, you certainly won't want to be chipping away at them to pay off loans, much less go running to friends or family to help you meet your financial commitments.

Feel free to talk to your advisor, who is well equipped to advise you on what to do.

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