Always coming out ahead, even when something unexpected comes up

You're doing everything you can to manage your affairs and come out ahead in your studies and your finances. So why would you let an accident put all your work at risk?

Travel with peace of mind

Traveling is expensive. Receiving emergency medical care in a foreign country is even more expensive.

You enjoy planning your own trips, down to the smallest detail:

  • Where you're going
  • How much you'll need to save before you leave
  • How long you'll stay
  • But have you also planned for a several-thousand-dollar safety net in case something happens to you abroad?

Meanwhile, that is how much it could cost you if you need emergency medical care while outside your home province if you don't sign up for travel insurance before you leave.

Travel Insurance includes considerable coverage for different types of travel needs such as healthcare, baggage loss or trip cancellation. These different types of coverage are offered separately or grouped as packages.

As a Desjardins member, you also get free access to a travel assistance service, with a team of professionals available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you in case anything happens while you're away. No matter where you are in the world!

Protect yourself in case of an accident

Did you know that all the costs and expenses related to an accident are not covered 100% by the provincial medicare plan or even by private insurance?

Accident insurance is adapted to meet your specific coverage needs:

  • Coverage of costs related to loss of a summer job
  • Coverage of costs related to the cancellation or repeat of a semester of study (tuition)
  • Coverage of costs related to a simple broken leg: transport by ambulance, physiotherapy, loss of income, replaced glasses, medication, etc.

Learn how to manage the risks of an accident as well as you manage your other affairs.

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