Coverage and insurance

Your insurance needs

Insurance–whether mandatory, highly recommended or optional–is part of your financial strategy. It should be chosen with care.

What are your needs? Do you need to take out life insurance? Why insure a child? Is disability insurance useful?

This section provides clear answers to these questions and advice on lowering your car and home insurance premiums.

How to choose life insurance

A key component of your family's financial security

Many life insurance products are available. Here's how to find the product that best suits your situation, needs and goals.

10 questions about home insurance

Protect your valued property

Pinpoint your needs and consult the 10 most frequently asked home insurance questions before choosing appropriate coverage.

How to choose auto insurance

A multitude of insurers and coverage types

A 3-step process to find out more about your priorities as a vehicle owner and how to compare insurers' offers.

4 reasons you need tenant insurance

A loss can be expensive, even if you’re only renting

What would happen if there was a break-in or fire in your apartment? Would you be able to replace everything you own? And if you accidentally damaged someone else’s property, could you afford the lawsuit? Find out why you need to be insured.

Our tips

Tips to help you pinpoint your personal insurance needs and save on your car and home insurance premiums.