Desjardins offers investment solutions designed specially for your business.

Short-term investment solutions

Earn interest on excess funds in your account without sacrificing liquidity.

Ideal for growing your cash easily and quickly—without a middle man—using AccèsD Affaires.

A variety of investments with terms of 30 days, 1 year, or more. For those seeking a higher yield on their savings.

Desjardins Group's online brokerage division, Disnat, makes available to you a full range of tools to help you trade and monitor the markets on your own.

Desjardins Securities' services are available to investors who want to have the help of skilled investment advisors in managing their assets.

Medium and long-term investment solutions

Selection of investment products with terms up to 10 years. To help your capital grow risk-free.

A variety of investment products with terms of 3, 5, or 7 years. For a higher return potential, risk-free.

Desjardins Funds, Northwest Funds and Desjardins Financial Security Guaranteed Investment Funds and the Helios2 Contract allow you to diversify your portfolio and benefit from the expertise of seasoned fund managers.

For investors seeking personalized advice and to establish a business relationship with a Desjardins Securities investment advisor.

Did you know?

Guaranteed investments and Desjardins Funds entitle you to potential member dividends. Learn more about member dividends.