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Strategic procurement

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Ethics and compliance

Desjardins is committed to using strong business sense when dealing with suppliers while respecting common values.

Desjardins has established a supplier code of conduct to clearly state its expectations with regards to suppliers in the realm of ethics and governance, human rights, work, health and safety, the environment, overall performance and continuous improvement.

Desjardins expects suppliers to comply with the code of conduct.

See the Desjardins Group Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF, 151 KB).

Security and credit checks

In the spirit of sound risk management, Desjardins has adopted a security and credit check policy for employment that also applies to suppliers.

Confidentiality agreement

Suppliers must also agree to respect the rules of use, protection and privacy of information of any nature.

Use of technology at Desjardins

Suppliers must also agree to respect the Desjardins Group directive on technology use to ensure the organization's activities run smoothly, and to ensure the reliability and integrity of Desjardins IT systems and the security of information processed.

Charter of the French Language

In Quebec, the official language is French. The provisions of the Charter of the French Language state that French is the usual language of work, communications and business. Desjardins Group complies with these provisions and suppliers are also expected to comply with them.

Suppliers of office equipment, computer equipment, peripherals and other computerized media for use in Quebec must ensure equipment bears French inscriptions and programmed menus. All technical support provided in Quebec by suppliers (e.g., by phone, online) must also be available in French, as well as technical documentation and user guides.

Desjardins is committed to maintaining integrity to avoid any potential conflict of interest and ensure a healthy, equitable relationship with clients and suppliers.

If you, as a Desjardins supplier, witness any fraudulent or unethical behaviour such as collusion or a conflict of interest, you are encouraged to confidentially report it by email.