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Help make the world a better place

Desjardins Philanthropic Funds are a simple and effective solution to charitable giving

The Desjardins Foundation offers the option to create your own philanthropic fund so you can easily provide long-term support for the causes that are important to you. This is a faster, simpler alternative to setting up a private foundation.

A Desjardins Philanthropic Fund can be made up of immediate or deferred donations, such as through a will.

Every year, we distribute a percentage of your fund's value to your recommended beneficiary organizations. They'll be able to count on regular, long-term funding to support their charitable initiatives.


  • Customize your fund by choosing its name and your beneficiary organizations
  • Change the features of your fund at any time, free of charge
  • Turnkey solution administered by the Desjardins Foundation that ensures the continuity of your charitable choices
  • Name successors in order to create a sustainable family or group project
  • Benefit from charitable tax credits

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Find out how a Desjardins Philanthropic Fund can simplify your charitable giving.

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Meet the donors and organizations who are committed to improving the daily lives of thousands of people.

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Contribute to the philanthropic fund of your choice through our online donation platform.