400,000 young people say thank you!

Young people are going through an important period of their lives, and they need a boost to keep them motivated. They need to believe in themselves; that's what makes them give their best to make their dreams come true. From pre-school to post-secondary education, from big cities to the farthest regions, in the past year Desjardins has supported young people everywhere we were.

Supporting teachers and community leaders

These are the people at the centre of young people's lives. They have plenty of ideas for inspiring our youth, but they don't always have the tools to make them a reality. The Desjardins Foundation Prizes will allow 89,800 young people in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and New Brunswick to participate in a motivational project this year. Thank you to the directors, agents and employees of Desjardins for voting in such large numbers to select the winning projects.

Scholarships to show our commitment to students

Students' education has been affected by recent events and many of them aren't sure what they want to do about school. Desjardins continues to be there to support them, in particular by adding a new scholarship category for students who are returning to study due to the pandemic. In total, a record amount of close to $4.1 million was handed out in 3,400 scholarships to young people in Ontario and Quebec: 1,273 by the Foundation and 2,100 by the caisses.

A community that cares

The organizations supported by the Desjardins Foundation have done exceptional work in helping 300,000 youths and their families all over Canada. They've shown how important they are in meeting the changing needs of the community during the pandemic. For example, Kids Help Phone dealt with growing mental health issues by being there to listen to thousands of young people from across the country.

Thank you for helping to make our education projects a reality. We strongly believe that education is the best way to make a lasting impact on our communities.