Desjardins Foundation Prizes

Desjardins Foundation Prizes

Have a project in mind to motivate young people?
We can provide funding so you can make it happen.

Desjardins Foundation Prizes are for driven school and community workers who would like to benefit from up to $3,000 in financial assistance to run projects with kindergarten, elementary or high school students.

Winners are chosen through a vote by Desjardins directors, employees and agents.

In 2020

  • 421 projects were supported
  • More than $1M was awarded for projects
  • 62,000 young people were reached

2020 Desjardins Foundation Prize winners by region

The application period is now over

Thanks for participating. The winners were announced the week of December 7, 2020.

Read the 2020 program rules (PDF, 241 KB) - This link will open in a new window.

Important dates


October 5 to 26

Application period

October 27 to November 13

Applicants' eligibility verified

November 16 to 27

Desjardins Group directors and employees and Desjardins Insurance agents vote

December 7 to 11

Winners announced


January and February

Prizes awarded to winners

Beyond the Classroom podcast series

Inspiring stories of teachers and educators who, with the help of the Desjardins Foundation prizes, brought their projects to life and helped kids stay in school.

Episode 1: Ms. Marie-Pierre’s Cards

Description (6 min 35 s)
To foster new relationships and work towards a common goal, a teacher and her special needs students start a greeting card business.

Episode 2: Ms. Forest’s Bees

Description (5 min 20 s)
A beehive on a Quebec school’s rooftop becomes a group project.

Episode 3: Mr. Guillaume’s Graffiti

Description (6 min 40 s)
A youth centre facilitator shares his passion for graffiti, leading a young participant to win a local contest.

Foundation Prizes: one inspiring story at a time

Hear from teachers and other school staff members who launched initiatives that motivated kids to work hard and stay in school.

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