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#DesjardinsFoundation Prizes

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Do you have a project for our youth? We can provide financial assistance.

#DesjardinsFoundation Prizes are for people in educational and community settings who would like to get financial assistance to carry out a project with kindergarten, elementary and high school children. Recipients are determined by a vote by Desjardins Group officers and employees.

Added on June 6, 2017

Elda-Rouleau Catholic Elementary School, Alexandria (Ontario)
Learning new things together
(2 min 13 s)

The Bonhomme, bonhomme, sais-tu jouer? project was launched by Elda-Rouleau school to pursue its music program after the music teacher, Gabrielle Campbell, retired.

Text transcript of video - Learning new things together

Added on June 6, 2017

École secondaire des Patriotes-de-Beauharnois
Going into business together
(2 min 10 s)

The J'me lance en affaires! project was created to involve students ages 15 to 17 in all aspects of launching a washer toss game micro-business, from product conception to market. The goal of the project was to motivate students to come to school.

Text transcript of video - Going into business together

Added on June 6, 2017

École secondaire Îlot-des-Appalaches, Lévis
Making a difference together
(1 min 58 s)

The La Shop à vêtements is a second-hand clothing project for young people living in Centre jeunesse-Chaudièere-Appalaches, to help them develop the skills they'll need to get a job.

Text transcript of video - Making a difference together

Added on June 6, 2017

École primaire Aubert-de-Gaspé
Working together to give back to the community
(2 min 14 s)

Sel aromatisé is a mixture of sea salt and herbs that was created by 125 young students, allowing them develop a wealth of valuable skills.

Text transcript of video - Working together to give back to the community



October 16 to November 6

Application period



November 6 to 10

Verification of project eligibility



November 27 to December 8

Desjardins Group officers and employees vote


December 11 to 15

Winners announced



Prizes awarded to winners

See the rules (PDF, 225 KB) - This link will open in a new window..

Here are the final 2016 #DesjardinsFoundation Prizes results:

  • 131 projects supported
  • $287,695 awarded
  • 23,444 young people reached

See the winners (PDF, 824 KB) - This link will open in a new window..

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