The Desjardins Foundation made a difference in the lives of 320,000 young people

The year 2020 was not easy for young people, but many are adapting and sticking it out. By focusing on education, Desjardins has helped thousands of young people thrive, take a chance, give it their all and, most importantly, believe that anything is possible. Nearly $3.6 million in scholarships was awarded to over 3,100 young people. The next application period will run from March 1 to 31.

Educational heroes as committed as ever to helping young people succeed

The pandemic has definitely had an impact on the projects nominated for the Desjardins Foundation Prizes, which ranged from environmentally friendly mask-making to outdoor sports, but nothing can dampen the spirit of our dedicated educators. Over 62,000 young people will take part in inspirational projects selected through a vote by Desjardins employees, directors and agents. The Desjardins Foundation Prizes are for driven school and community workers who would like financial assistance to run projects with kindergarten, elementary or high school students.

Growing community support

Nearly 260,000 young people and their families got help from the Desjardins Foundation—supported by organizations like Alloprof, for support with at-home learning, or Fondation Jeunes en Tęte, for mental health assistance.

These scholarships are much more than just financial support—they're a way to give young people hope and show we believe in them.