Do you know your child’s RIASEC personality type?

The Mon enfant, son avenir guide can provide you with help and information. The Mon enfant, son avenir (MESA) - Volume 2 guide came out last fall thanks to donations from Desjardins Group officers, employees and retirees. Volume 1, for parents of children from Grade 5 to Secondary 2, was published last winter as part of Hooked on School Days (JPS).

The MESA - Volume 2 guide is a tool for parents of secondary 3 to 5 children. Like Volume 1, the guide contains many resources and references, such as the RIASEC personality types. It’s also more focused on choosing a career, a critical moment in young people’s personal development.

With Volume 2, Desjardins Foundation hopes to remind people that staying in school is everyone’s business and that every young person needs support on a daily basis.

To learn more, see Supporting academic retention.