Innovation lab

Innovation lab

An environment open to creation, exploration and challenging norms

In 2018

  • 60+ hands-on conferences and workshops
  • 6,000+ event participants
  • 150+ sprint, co-creation and meeting facilitation workshops


The Desjardins Lab's mission is to break new ground to create value for our members and clients. It embodies the idea that at Desjardins, people are our purpose.

Employees have access to all the tools they need for rapid prototyping and developing proofs of concept for innovation projects. The lab also hosts conferences and workshops to provide further information and resources to different business sectors.


  • Innovation Meetups: lectures that inspire creativity and innovation in our employees and citizens
  • Workshops: training sessions that provide our employees and managers with proven innovation practices and approaches

A culture of innovation

The lab helps our employees develop the capacities necessary for sustainable innovation. It also promotes a culture of innovation within Desjardins.

Applied and technological innovations

The Desjardins Lab—our R&D space—is a place to explore technologies and approaches in the spirit of co-creation. It helps accelerate initiatives through rapid prototyping and human-centred design.

Areas of expertise

  • Research and development
  • Rapid prototyping and proofs of concept
  • New product development