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Desjardins Representative Office (Europe)

Looking to do business or settle in Canada or Europe? We can help you.

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Our services at a glance

In addition to pointing you toward the right institutions and specialists, the Desjardins Representative Office team can help you:

understand the specific characteristics of the Canadian and European banking systems

budget for crossing the Atlantic

target or establish a presence in the market you’re aiming for

secure financing

join the local business network


Interested in starting a new life across the pond?

We provide Canadians with all the resources they need to settle down in Europe.

Move to Europe

We help European workers, students and investors relocate to Canada and settle in when they get there.

Move to Canada


Want to branch out to new markets?

We support Canadian companies targeting the European market and we accompany them throughout the realization of their project.

Do business in Europe

We also give European companies the information about the banking and financial services they need for successful entry into the Canadian market.

Do business in Canada

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Looking to do business or settle down in Europe or in Canada? We can help!

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