International Development

Desjardins know-how and expertise have long been recognized throughout many regions of the world. Through one of its components, Desjardins International Development (DID), Desjardins Group has been offering technical assistance and investment services in the inclusive finance sector for developing countries since 1970.

As one of the world leaders in its field, DID supports the creation and development of sustainable financial institutions that are rooted in the community in some 60 countries in Africa, Latin America, the West Indies and Asia.

The expertise of DID's employees is sought out to:

  • develop and introduce new financial (savings, credit, insurance, funds transfers etc.) products
  • develop financing for specialized sectors, such agriculture, small and medium-sized enterprises, etc.
  • introduce technological solutions and modernize operations
  • design and implement supervision strategies and control procedures
  • design training (task coaching, off-site training, etc.) programs and organize training services within partner institutions
  • support lawmakers in establishing legal frameworks designed to provide structure for the microfinance sector

Today, the microfinance institutions created or supported by DID exercise uncontested leadership and most are the dominant microfinance institution in their respective countries. They bring an essential contribution to local economic growth and poverty reduction.

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