FAQ – Card technology – Merchants

Desjardins began implementing chip-enabled point of sale terminals in January 2009. Because of the number of Desjardins terminals in use throughout Canada, the replacement process will be ongoing for the next few years. No action is required on your part to get your new terminal. Desjardins will contact each merchant to plan for the installation of replacement equipment.

All charges associated with replacing point of sale terminals are the responsibility of Desjardins.

Desjardins Card Services trains both merchants and personnel and provides all material required for the new equipment.

No. The terminal prompts you, taking you through all the steps required. Also, when new point of sale terminals are installed, a technician provides training and a user manual describing all the functions of the terminal. When he or she leaves, you will be ready to make transactions easily on your new terminal.

Yes, the Payments Canada is making the transition to chip card technology. All Canadian payment service company terminals will be replaced to comply with the new standards.

Yes. Desjardins terminals, whether or not they accept chip cards, are equipped to securely process transactions made using chip cards that include contactless payment.

Chip card technology reduces skimming fraud, which considerably reduces chargebacks.

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