FAQ – Card technology – Chip debit cards

When making transactions at retail outlets equipped with chip-enabled point of sale terminals, the chip card is inserted into the terminal and remains there until the end of the transaction.

Every magnetic stripe Desjardins Access Card has been assigned an expiry date. You will receive a new chip-enabled Desjardins Access Card in the mail before your magnetic stripe card expires.

Because of the high number of magnetic stripe Desjardins Access Cards, the replacement process will be done gradually and take 2 years to complete.

Chip card technology will continue to evolve. Renewing Desjardins Access Cards every 4 years will allow members to benefit from the highest level of security possible.

Yes. Generally speaking, all cards in your possession will be replaced. You may, however, want to check to see if you really need more than one card. Note that all the cards may not be replaced at the same time.

You can contact AccèsD Services to get your Desjardins Access Card replaced. AccèsD Services are available 7 days a week to personal members only. Business members must go to their caisse to have their Desjardins Business Access Card replaced.

In special cases (e.g. you are leaving on a trip in a few days and your card has been lost, stolen or damaged), you can have a new Desjardins Access Card sent to you using our accelerated service, which issues you and sends you a card on a priority basis. In general, you receive your card within 1 or 2 business days. If you are in this type of situation, contact AccèsD Services at:
Montreal area: 514-522-2373
Elsewhere in Canada and the U.S.: 1-800-CAISSES (1-800-224-7737)

If you are a Desjardins Business Access Card user and need this service, contact your caisse directly.

No. Your PIN will automatically be transferred to your new card.

You can change your PIN by calling Desjardins Card Services.

Personal: 1-800-363-3380 or 514-397-4415

Business: 1-800-266-5662 or 514-397-4600

No. The chip card will have the same number as your old magnetic card. The card number and password you use to log in will therefore remain the same.

Yes. You can begin using your Desjardins Access Card as soon as you receive it. You will, in fact, have to use it since your old card will no longer be valid.

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