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The AccèsD and AccèsD Affaires services are highly secure. Every precaution is taken to protect the privacy of the information sent while making your transactions.

It is important that you also do your part and follow certain basic rules. Make sure you:

Learn more about how to protect your personal information.

The cache memory is located in your web browser. It remembers all the pages you've visited on the web to speed up the load time of pages. It also allows you to go back to each page you've visited.

Because the AccèsD and AccèsD Affaires pages you visit contain personal financial information, we recommend you always clear your browser's cache memory when you log out.

See Clear your browser's cache memory to learn how to do it.

Clearing your browser's cache memory at the end of each AccèsD and AccèsD Affaires session is an excellent way to protect the privacy of your personal information.

See Clear your browser's cache memory to learn how to do it.

To correct this problem, simply reset your system clock to the current date and time by clicking on the time on the lower right hand side of your computer screen.

Here are 3 examples of error messages you might get while logged in to AccèsD.

A system error occurred. Please contact us at the telephone numbers listed under "Contact us" in the upper right hand portion of the screen.

You have been automatically logged out for security purposes. Your session was inactive for too long or you refreshed a page or clicked on the back button.

You are not authorized to access the site. Call us.

To avoid error messages and ensure an optimal use of our services, please see the following recommendations:

  1. Clear your browser's cache memory.
  2. Access the AccèsD site securely by using the complete www.desjardins.com address. To log in, click on the Log in button in the upper right hand portion of the screen.
  3. Update your computer.
  4. Try using another browser to connect.

It's an online assistance tool that can help you through each step of using an AccèsD feature. Just answer "yes" or "no" to the Assistant's invitation or activate it when it's available for the feature you'd like to use.

When you log in, the system allows for 5 minutes of inactivity before automatically ending your session. This is a security measure.

Each time you make a transaction or navigate the site using the buttons or icons on the page or your Web browser, the counter is set back to zero for another 5 minutes.

To avoid having your AccèsD session terminated for no apparent reason, please wait until each page fully loads before clicking on the button or icon of your choice.

Learn more about online security.

Yes, you can share your screen with an advisor in 2 ways:

  • In some cases, you can select Share your screen in the Help and contact menu. You then have to accept a request to share your screen. You can stop sharing your screen at any time.
  • Otherwise, an advisor can email you an access code or link allowing them to connect to and see your screen. Members must give their permission every time an advisor needs to connect to their screen.

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