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Manufacturing in Quebec: Getting Back Up after a Pandemic Tsunami

March 2, 2022
Joëlle Noreau
Senior Economist

Summary of the publication

The manufacturing sector has been hit hard by the effects of the pandemic, this after already struggling with a labour shortage, fierce competition and rising protectionist tendencies. Recent economic indicators do not show very good performance. However, they conceal the fighting spirit being demonstrated by Quebec companies in a particularly unstable environment. Quebec companies are not the only ones to be experiencing difficulties; their competitors are working hard to overcome the same challenges. The companies here have technology (automation and digitization) as a tool to boost their production, make them more environmentally efficient, maintain their market shares or even increase them on international markets, and keep their place in global supply chains. The program over the next few years is not meant for a flat industry. It will take Quebec manufacturers all the determination they can muster.

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