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Stimulating innovation to improve healthcare access in remote regions

May 3, 2024

CTS launches Harfang, a program that's powered by Desjardins

Montreal, May 3, 2024 – Catalyseur des Technologies de la Santé (CTS) is proud to launch Harfang, a health technology program that's powered by Desjardins. This program is designed to address specific needs related to healthcare access in remote regions. It uses proven technological innovations to bridge the gap between technology and regional healthcare needs. As a catalyst and integrator, CTS is committed to promoting accessibility, equity and continuity of healthcare services. 

In Quebec, nearly one in five people live in a remote or isolated rural area and don't have access to the same healthcare services as individuals who live near a major urban centre.

The Harfang program is funded by Desjardins Group through its GoodSpark Fund.

"I am extremely pleased to be working with Desjardins Group. For over 15 years, CTS has been catalyzing technology development and nurturing the healthcare innovation ecosystem. Not only will we witness productive partnerships emerging and strengthen our long-standing ties with Desjardins, but we will also ensure that the benefits reach those who need them most. I am confident that this program can lead to sustainable and equitable change in our healthcare ecosystem," said Jean-Pierre Robert, CEO at CTS.

"Through this substantial contribution from the GoodSpark Fund, Desjardins is helping to improve access to healthcare for people living in remote areas throughout Quebec. We firmly believe that technological advancements will enhance care accessibility and lead to the emergence of solutions that can address health equity issues. That's why we are proud to support the Harfang Program, designed to offer more services to those in need across the province," said Marc Villeneuve, Vice-President, Business Services and Outreach, at Desjardins Group.

Jean-François Trudel, general Manager at Caisse Desjardins des Technologies

The partnership between CTS and Desjardins Group is the result of a long-standing partnership. For over 15 years, CTS has been promoting innovative technologies developed by Quebec entrepreneurs. CTS will help connect stakeholders with the companies involved, and Desjardins will be a strategic financial partner.

CTS would like to thank its long-standing financial partners, Ville de Montréal, and Quebec's Ministère de l'Économie, de l'Innovation et de l'Énergie.

To learn more about the Harfang Program, visit

About Catalyseur Technologies Santé (CTS)
CTS's mission is to act as a catalyst for the growth of start-ups in life sciences, with a focus on medical technology and digital health, by delivering customized acceleration services. Working with accelerators, incubators, and other active ecosystem partners, CTS coaches companies through the critical stages of commercialization and financing. In addition, CTS facilitates access to a complex and dynamic ecosystem of key players in medicine and business.  

CTS's vision is to become one of Canada's most successful healthtech technology accelerators, creating national flagships that will help deliver on the promise of the 4Ps in medicine (predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory).  

For more information (media inquiries only):
Marie-Hélène Grenier
Public Relations at CTS - Catalyseur Technologie Santé
514 886-5868

For more information (media inquiries only):
Jérémi Trudel
Public Relations
514 281-7000, poste 5553436