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International development

A strategic partnership with YULCOM for an enhanced digital offering

February 2, 2021

Développement international Desjardins (DID) has just signed an agreement with YULCOM, a Montreal-based technology firm, to develop an enhanced digital service offering and support the financial inclusion of marginalized populations, especially women, in developing and emerging countries.

In particular, YULCOM will upgrade and maintain some of the applications that DID has developed over the last few years and provide technical support to the apps' users around the world.

"Digital technology plays a key role in promoting financial inclusion by reducing travel and transaction time and costs, as well as by bolstering operational reliability and user confidence. YULCOM's skills and agility will accelerate and improve both our ability to meet our partners' digital finance needs and our impact on sustainable development," said Gerardo Almaguer, President and Chief Executive Officer of DID.

"The pandemic has clearly shown us that digital transformation projects are more relevant than ever. Together, we can speed up the adoption of technology by inclusive finance institutions, their beneficiaries and the institutions that govern them," said Youmani Jérôme Lankoandé, President and Chief Executive Officer of YULCOM.


YULCOM Technologies Inc. is a multinational information technology consulting firm headquartered in Montreal that integrates systems and solutions using artificial intelligence. YULCOM Technologies specializes in web design, software development, web software and web and mobile applications. The company assists its clients in integrating the best digital technologies and improving their process management. It carries out digital projects for clients operating in North America (Canada and the United States), Europe, Africa and Asia.