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International development

New mandate for DID in Senegal to further the economic and social empowerment of women and young people

November 4, 2022

Contributing to gender equality and financial inclusion by helping women and young people access digital services and giving women more social and economic power: this is the ambitious objective of the project we have just been mandated to carry out in Senegal. This new project is financed by Global Affairs Canada and will be carried out over six and a half years. It is focused on 3 regions in southern Senegal and 2 departments in Dakar.

To meet our objective, we will implement a financial inclusion strategy that involves many local organizations:

  • We'll be working with several local partners to eliminate barriers to using financial services, strengthen the knowledge and skills of women and young people, and, in collaboration with Lawyers Without Borders, open a constructive dialogue with communities to promote the social and economic rights of women. 
  • We'll also be supporting partner financial institutions as they work to better integrate the needs of women and young people into their service offer and improve the digital services offered to these client groups. 
  • We'll reduce the risks for financial institutions by setting up loan guarantee mechanisms with a local manager and the use of private capital to help grow the credit available to target groups. 
  • Finally, we'll support actors on the state level to improve the consistency and impact of gender equality and inclusive finance strategies.