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International development

New Aequitas investment in Georgia

April 9, 2024

In Georgia, a country sitting on the border between Europe and Asia, people working in the agricultural sector earn on average 40% less than others. They are the primary target of Lazika Capital, an inclusive finance institution that works exclusively in remote regions away from urban centers. Lazika offers a wide range of financial services (credit, funds transfer, payment services) tailored to the needs of farmers and microentrepreneurs. It also makes sure to reach women, who make up 52% of its clientele.

Lazika recently became one of the inclusive finance institutions supported by the Aequitas investment fund, to which we contribute and which we manage through our subsidiary FONIDI Management Inc. Aequitas has invested USD 1.5 million in Lazika Capital to help it pursue its development and thus support its essential contribution to the economic empowerment of the country's vulnerable populations.

The loans offered by Lazika enable smallholder and family farmers to finance their activities or expansion, and generate income to improve their living conditions. They support economic development in regions previously underserved by the financial sector, and thus play a decisive role in revitalizing these communities.

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