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Economy and entrepreneurship

Myths Buster: Working at Desjardins

April 27, 2023

Do you think working at Desjardins is all about financial transactions and economic forecasts? Some people seem to think so. And yet, Desjardins has many job opportunities in countless fields where employees get to have a real impact on people and communities. Let's take a closer look at 3 myths about working for the largest financial cooperative in North America. Who knows? You might even get inspired to update your résumé!

Myth No. 1: Desjardins is just an insurance company

False. Desjardins is the largest cooperative financial group in North America and the fifth largest in the world. In addition to offering property and casualty insurance and life and health insurance, Desjardins Group offers wealth management and personal and business banking services. The organization is well established in Ontario and provides services across Canada. It employs thousands of people located mainly in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta. Desjardins Group is also very active in roughly 30 developing and emerging economies. 

"I started at Desjardins in Mississauga as an intern. I was given the opportunity to work on projects that had large impacts to the organization. When I came back for another internship, they listened to my interests. They won my heart so I decided to come back. Now, everyday I get to come into work to projects and initiatives that spark my passions and creativity! Desjardins stands out in its ability to listen to my professional needs and accommodate the areas I want to develop in. "

        – Amanda Bruder, Actuarial Analysis and Statistics Advisor

Although headquartered in Quebec, we also have offices in cities such as Ottawa, Toronto and Calgary. Desjardins has many positions that offer flexible work schedules and hybrid opportunities.

Myth No. 2: You need to be a financial expert.

False. We have many positions that don't require a bachelor's degree in finance. Don't feel like staring at a screen all day? That's fine by us! Our advisory agents – member/client experience work directly with clients. And if you'd rather type letters on a keyboard than punch numbers into a calculator, that's fine too. We have more than 800 kinds of jobs in sectors ranging from fraud prevention and security to communications and information technology. Some of the jobs available at Desjardins might surprise you. For example, did you know we have an historian? If you thought you didn't have the right background to work at a financial cooperative, rest assured that we have lots to choose from.

No matter what your interests are, we've got something for you. And if you do happen to be a financial expert, we've got plenty of jobs that will give you a chance to crunch numbers and make a real difference in people's lives. Enriching the lives of people and communities is what working at Desjardins is all about.

« What I think it’s the game changer for me for working as an advisor and for Desjardins is that you put members as your priority. I focus on how can I make their life better, how can I help them achieve their goals and their projects – I just think that the whole process is what’s worth it for me. »

        - Maria Jose Amaya Varela – Advisor, personal finance

Myth No. 3: You'll have the same job throughout your entire career.

False. Unless that's what you want! You can start in one position and then move on to something new once you feel you need a new challenge. Do you love improving your skills and working with new people? Great. We've got a myriad of learning opportunities lined up for you. Our employees have access to all types of support throughout their career, whether that's through mentorships or ongoing professional development.

At Desjardins, we're serious about professional development. We want to help you take your potential, skills and aspirations to the next level.

"After demonstrating my leadership skills and my ability to learn new things, I was quickly promoted to the role of technical leader in a new team. Desjardins is also supporting my professional development by helping me pursue an MBA part-time."

        – Laurence Olivier Marion-Ouellet, Programmer Analyst

Thanks to good working conditions, a competitive salary and 4 weeks of vacation as of your first year, you'll have a chance to grow within an organization that gives its employees a chance to thrive, not just professionally, but in their personal lives as well.