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International development

Ahinadje: Increasing the climatic and economic resilience of women's small agricultural enterprises in Benin

June 3, 2024

In Benin, as elsewhere, women are too often deprived of the resources they need to farm productively and sustainably. To address this shortcoming, we are launching a major new project to be carried out over the next 6 years with the financial support of Global Affairs Canada. This initiative will enable us to continue the work we've been doing in Benin over the past few years in collaboration with the Canadian government, and thus continue to create sustainable opportunities for the people of Benin.

With this new project, we will increase the adaptability and resilience to climate change of women-led agri-businesses, while enhancing their performance, viability and contribution to decent job creation, food security and poverty reduction.

Financing and coaching: essential levers for development

To achieve this, we will build the capacities of two inclusive finance institutions (FECECAM and RENACA, two long-standing DID partners) and several providers of business development services so that these organizations can provide women with services that are better adapted to their needs and help create a more inclusive ecosystem.

Through our actions, we will:

  • promote greater access for women entrepreneurs to financial and support services that are adapted to their needs.
  • encourage the adoption of practices and equipment that will help women-owned businesses minimize their risks, adapt to climate change, and seize opportunities associated with the green economy.
  • facilitate the transition to less environmentally damaging practices.
  • increase the profitability and economic performance of women entrepreneurs in the agri-food sector.

The project will intervene in the agricultural sectors most likely to contribute to green, prosperous, and inclusive economic growth, notably soybean, poultry, market gardening and pineapple.